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OUR projects

We at NHW constantly innovate to serve our Community. Please take some time to browse projects and ideas in progress.

We would love to have your feedback, so please do get in touch with your thoughts, comments and criticism, good and bad.  

regular roundup

The Roundup is an email newsletter sent when there is pertinent information to relay. This email is sent to all subscribers to our website and you don't have to be a member of NHW to be on this list.


To be added, just click the Subscribe button below. It's that simple.

early alert

in planning stages

NHW has divided Seaford and Bishopstone by Sector and Street. We are now looking at a simple, and free early alert system for each Sector where information on suspicious activity, emergencies and so on can be quickly shared with the Sector or Street by Smart Phone.

This, unlike email, is immediate and unlike SMS systems, is free. This system will only be available to members so do join the NHW to become part of this network.


Just click the link below to join the NHW or renew your membership.

No Cold Calling Zone

By far the most successful of our projects has been the establishment of Seaford and Bishopstone as No Cold Calling Zones. Supported by Trading Standards, the Town Council and the Police, the results have been tangible with the Police reporting a dramatic drop in harassment and unwanted callers.

Should you need a door sticker, please drop us an email and we will get one to you post haste.

The stickers have a peel back film and then should be stuck to a front door panel to alert callers that they are not welcome. 

facebooks new facelift

There was a lovely joke about a gentleman of a certain age complaining that all this social media rubbish was too much for him. He decided to combine his Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts and now refers to the lot as "YouTwitFace".

Well as much as Social Media can be a little daunting, it is the fastest way to share information and certainly a very effective way of reaching younger families.

We have streamlined our pages and post regular alerts and updates, as well as the occasional funny.

Please do click the link below to follow us on Facebook 

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in planning stages

There is evidence that petty crime and shoplifting is on the increase in Seaford. We are looking at a ShopWatch scheme to protect our shop owners, their stock, and their customers from this scourge.


One idea is to fund visible ShopWatcher Wardens who with the Police, present a visible deterrent to would be thieves. Another is a ShopWatch Forum where information on known miscreants is shared between members.


All of this is still on the drawing board though and will take time and lots of planning to effect. If you are a Seaford Shop Owner, we would love to have your thoughts and ideas. Just click the button below and let the ideas flow.

signs and stickers

By far the biggest deterrent to criminal elements is visible proof that as a community, we are crime wise and alert. We do this by posting signage on Streets and by having a NHW sticker clearly visible on our homes and businesses.


If you would like a sign in your street or need a sticker for your door, please drop us an email.

We can easily drop off a sticker for you and signage is done in batches. Likewise, if your street sign is looking tatty, please let us know and we will schedule it for replacement.

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