Thank you Supporters!

  • We can purchase fabric in bulk through a few wholesalers who are generously allowing us to do so through Covid19 for this vital work

  • NHW is supporting this vital project through our managed and audited accounts. S&B NHW is Registered in England and Wales as a Charity with number 295228

  • To make a donation, please click the button that suits your pocket  - only donate what you can afford.You can then complete your donation via PayPal or your debit card. Do not use a credit card for donations.

  • Any unused funds  will be donated to various community charities to support their vital work which is ongoing no matter what. The donation button will be switched off once the project completes. We will publicly publish accounts at the end of the project and all donors will be emailed a copy of the project accounts.

  • Thank you for your support, stay home, stay safe - you are precious!


To make a donation (thank you) please just click the box of your choice below - you will be directed to a secure and encrypted payment page where the donation can be confirmed using either your Debit Card or PayPal. Each £5 donation makes a full set of Scrubs for a Doctor, a Nurse, a Careworker, a Medic and helps them stay safe saving us. Thank you for helping them!

(do not use credit for donations - only donate what is affordable to you - be money wise)


To transfer funds from your GoFundMe or funds  from community appeals, or to make a large donation, please transfer by online transfer directly to the NHW bank account as follows:

Account Name:  Seaford & Bishopstone Neighbourhood Watch Co-Ordinators Association

(S&BNWA might work too)
Sort Code: 40-40-25
Account Number: 41440152
Reference: SewNHS and your mobile number

If you need a receipt, please fill in the form below and we will send this out as soon as humanly possible. S&B NHW is Registered in England and Wales as a Charity with number 295228

Receipt Request