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really rather special

Registered Charity

Seaford & Bishopstone Neighbourhood Watch is really rather special, being one of the first schemes to be registered in the Country. It was established in 1986 and is registered with the Charity Commission with Number 295228


There are over 10 000 households in Seaford and we proudly support one in ten of these households. Membership is simple and anyone can join the Association.  


The Association is managed by an able Committee of Volunteers and a lively network of Area Coordinators, Sector Coordinators and Street Representatives. This means information is shared quickly and effectively to where it is needed most.

making a difference

Effective and Visible

There have been big wins in recent years, most noticeably, The Seaford & Bishopstone No Cold Calling Zone.

This is a joint project with Seaford Town Council, East Sussex Trading Standards and Neighbourhood Watch and has won the praise of the Police who  advise there has been a dramatic fall in doorstep harassment and unwanted callers in the town.  


We have distributed over 8000 window notices throughout the town and these serve as a visual reminder to casual callers that they are not welcome.


For a window notice please contact us.

informed & prepared

Regular Information

We produce an article every month in the Seaford Scene, and distribute our almost weekly Roundup by email, on the community Facebook Noticeboards and Groups, on the NextDoor platform and via Twitter.

We issue regular email updates to our members relaying information given to us by our local Police Team, Regional Associations and various other sources. 


We have two Open Meetings per year, the Seaford Great Neighbours Expo, one in the Spring and the other in the Autumn.


These take the format of Exhibitions where local safety, security, rescue and community organisations have displays and information available to help you stay safe. 

We often have speakers from protection and crime agencies. Our AGM is held at the opening of the Spring Expo each year.

These events are always free, and open to everybody.

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forward thinking

Projects & Initiative

We work proactively with a wide network of affiliates, our Foundation and the Police to raise crime awareness, prevent crime and keep our community informed and savvy.
This means keeping up with the times and using technology to full advantage which makes information flow faster than it ever was.

Our objective is to understand the nature of crime in our town and working with the Police to address what affects us all the most. This covers a wide spectrum and includes cyber crime as well as protecting our most vulnerable citizens who most often fall pray to wily scam artists.

You can read more about our initiatives and projects on our project page.

one big family

Joining is Easy

Joining the Neighbourhood Watch is easy and remarkably inexpensive at £3 per year per household (or £2 for senior citizens).

Joining means you are part of One Big Family, participating, to keep Seaford and Bishopstone lovely towns to live, work, and raise a family in.


Membership is passive too so there are no meetings to attend and no pressure on you at all. 

Just by joining, you have already done your part.

totally voluntary

A Great Bunch to
Hang Around With

Service on the NHW is totally voluntary. There are loads of ways to get involved if you would like to


Just click through to the Sectors and Streets pages for more information.

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Seaford & Bishopstone Neighbourhood Watch

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Seaford & Bishopstone Neighbourhood Watch

Registered in England and Wales as a Charity with number 295228

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