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Sussex Neighbourhood Watch is supporting the UK Government’s National Campaign Against Fraud

The Home Office, via the NFIB, NCSC and partners, have launched a new national campaign entitled ‘Stop! Think Fraud’. This gives you the knowledge and tools you need to stay ahead of scams.

Nobody is immune from fraud. Learn how to protect yourself from fraudsters by staying vigilant and taking a moment to stop and think. Are you at risk? Please visit . We have tested this link but if you are rightly unsure about clicking on links you can also search for Stop! Think Fraud online.

To report Fraud, there is a brand new portal - Report fraud - Stop! Think Fraud - that gives you all the detail and all the links to make a quick online report. There are also tools to help you if you have been a victim of fraud.

Friends Against Scams estimates that Fraud Crimes are the most under reported of all crimes, meaning the criminals keep getting away with it to the tune of an estimated £5 and £10 Billion a year.

Please Report Every Crime

The Police reply on information to identify trends, hotspots, crime groups and technology - by reporting every crime - even if it is an attempted fraud - we can do our bit to target these criminals and halt them in their tracks.

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