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You Never Really Know, Until You Do!

ActionFraud has found yet another tool to check just how safe you are online and this one is an eye opener. One would think that data breaches would be reported to users but alas, they are not and hence this tool, developed by Troy Hunt, that will tell you exactly how vulnerable you are and where your data has been breached

Head on over to and check all your mobile phone numbers and all your email addresses. It's free and it's quick and no signup is required.

In a matter of seconds you will be able to see exactly where your data has been leaked. You can then delete legacy accounts, change passwords where necessary, or use the tools developed by Have I Been Pwned to safely secure all of your passwords.

There is also a password checker, for those of us who still use the same password everywhere - you can check how vulnerable that password is with similar speed.

Read about Troy Hunt and the motivation behind the tool here Troy is an astute individual, a Microsoft Regional Director and Most Valuable Professional awardee for Developer Security, blogger at, international speaker on web security and the author of many top-rating security courses for web developers on Pluralsight. He definitely knows his stuff!

This tool and information was originally distributed by ActionFraud via Twitter on the 29th March 2023 and the original Tweet can be viewed here To read more alerts and advice from ActionFraud, visit

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