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We were made aware this morning that there are fake security emails doing the rounds again, the most recent one from Co-Operative Bank.

Co-Operative Bank advises:

"We have been made aware of a fake Co-operative bank email in circulation which asks you to click on a link to complete a security upgrade. It’s a scam.

If you receive this email, don’t click on any links and forward it to

To be as scam savvy as possible, please visit Trading Standards Friends Against Scams and complete their online learning

You can also join a s Friend and help to spread awareness and knowledge which is the only way to avoid becoming a victim.

If you have been targeted in a scam, or become a victim to a scam, please report this to Actionfraud

Actionfraud also offer excellent advice on how to protect yourself online which can be found here

Stay Savvy and Safe

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